Yes! How committed are you towards your work? This is a question people don’t intend to answer when they are failing possibly in business or other works of life rather they introduce blames or start justifying why they failed.

You cannot be successful in what you are not committed to no matter how much is invested. In case you don’t know the meaning of commitment let me take you to the dictionary, commitment is an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action and is also quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Does that mean anything to you?

If you are someone who is eager to win like me, someone who is ready to combat with competition and come out victoriously then you should understand that commitment is very important in the path of success. Let me paint a scenario for proper understanding.

John saw an opportunity in vlog so he decided to a open YouTube channel and start creating his content and publish on the channel, if you’re someone who know what YouTube is should understand that one need to build followers if they must be successful in the niche, you can actually build a community of followers on YouTube all needed is consistency, continuity, good content and commitment. Okay along the line the work becomes more complex than expected Knowing-full-well is just a trying time John became reluctant he normally post content every Tuesday and Thursday then he start posting once In two weeks. Please what do you expect will happen to the opportunity John saw in vlog? If I’m to answer that question I’ll say, John is not a warrior because he can’t fight through challenges and his is a failure who thought he’s hard working without knowing his not pledged towards his work.

John can you, how much commitment do you have towards your own success? How well are you doing to navigate the Mickey Waters of life? Let’s look on how we can build our commitment.

1. Make your goals achievable
You can’t achieve unrealistic goals, and you can’t expect that you will commit to something that you know that’s hard to achieve. For instance you want to venture into a new business with a budget of 1000$ and in real sense the business can only make 5000$ turnover in the next two years then you are planning on making 10,000$ in the two years knowing fully well it is an unrealistic projection.

The first step to increase your own commitment is to know that you can easily achieve your goals. When you know that it is possible, you will put your focus to achieve them working through each of your action steps.

2. Make your goals specific.
Specific goals will tell you what you need to do if you want to achieve them. Unspecific goals can be very confusing and will decrease your commitment.

Increasing productivity is a really confusing and undetermined goal. If you don’t know what you need to achieve and when you need to achieve probably you will not even try to achieve it.

3. Write your goals on a piece of paper.
There are different scientific researchers that have proven if you put something on paper, a commitment to that something is much bigger. In his book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini gives an example from the Korean War in which the Chinese soldiers in the camps where they held prisoners ask from prisoners to write statements that communism is better than the US system. In such a way, they will be committed to their own statement in which, basically they did not believe it.

If you write your goals on a paper, they will be in a category with a more commitment than the goals that remain only in your head.

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4. Present Publicly Your Goals
If you talk with only one person about your own goal, the commitment will be much bigger than if you are the only person that knows about your goal.

You will want to be seen as a responsible person, even in the eyes of that one person with which you share your goals. If you say that you will do something, there is a higher probability that you will really do that.

Because of that, for your most important goals, it is the best to be shared with the public.

5. Do You Know What You Need to Do?
If you know the activities that you must to implement in advance, you will increase the level of your own commitment. Therefore, once you have the goal on paper, and you have already talked with someone, list the activities. In such a way, you will want to start as soon as possible.

If you follow these steps in setting and achieving your business goals, your commitment will be much bigger, and your productivity will be much better. I wish you a good luck in staying committed to work and achieving your goal!

Stay strong!