Hey! to his broke/she is broke gang this is a special dedication but if this is not you, you may have who need it on your list please share.

So why I’m writing on this topic? I have noticed many people are ignorant of building their relationship, romantic relationship to be precise and this is common among the females especially those from poor background go through the whatsApp chat with a female friend of mine


Why we started that conversation was she posted on her status a chat between two girl friend, one was dating a guy and according to their chat the young man she was dating wasn’t financially buoyant so the girl was telling her friend that look I’ll quit the relationship between me and Mr B that he wasn’t meeting up her needs and her friend replied “but I think you should get a job than depending on these boys afterall the guy are complaining about is better than two of your elder brother at home who are even older than him” she perhaps got offended and replied “okay that’s alryt.. bye-bye”.

When my friend posted this on her status I was like damn! this is a friend though the other party didn’t recognize her friendship because she told her the truth by been strength with concrete example.

I believe the girl we are talking about here is not the only one in this kind of situation there are still millions out there with this mindset, if you fall in this category please go through the WhatsApp chat careful and apply the small word of wisdom I dashed out to my Friend. Stay safe, safe positive, work smart with your man/woman thing will be alright once you are careful, working, praying, determined, disciplined, committed to your work, caught an Idea on how to make money, have the ability to set goals and accomplish them then why wouldn’t your relationship be sweet and equally have a smooth/strong financial to combat your need and want.

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