Hey wonderful people!

I’m assure you’re all doing good in this difficult time? You know the coronavirus is a very terrible experience.

But back to the topic you may maybe thinking yeah! Samuel you are correct! Then you start making up stories in your head like if I share my idea(s) mostly business idea they will end up stealing it, yes that maybe correct but that’s not what the topic is about okay.

What I mean here is… Let me tell you a short story about my self years ago there was a time I wanted to start a small business though in a more different way than the existing ones but my fear was I had little cash to start with and that cash was the only savings I had then, I was scared of losing it to rough investment so I started seeking advice from friends and more friends, tell who cares to listen. After different opinion from different people I was convinced that the business I wanted to into was a good one base on my concept. Do you want to know what happened after then? Yes, I guess? I was unable to start that business, why? Because I have invested all the strategy, the energy I was to invest in when starting the business into making different enquiry and then unknowingly pushing myself into procrastination.

Yeah! Procrastination. Is it good to make enquiry before starting a business? Yes it is but making enquiry from people is not advisable because different people have different perspective on how they view things so compiling their opinion about your new idea may end up leaving at nothing but procrastination and when you start procrastinating that’s where your failure start From.

Take for example you’re playing a basketball with your team and the opponent maybe you got offended with what your coach said because the team is losing then you decided to go, just quit the Match because of what you heard, let me ask you two questions (i)what’s your gain? (ii)did you lose? You gained failure and you’re a loser but if you stayed and invested your anger on the match there are chances you may win but No! You left and failed woefully.

Relate that scenario to the topic, instead of investing your time and energy asking for opinion about your Idea channel that to …how do I stand out in this Idea, how can I build this idea to overcome failure, how do I profit from this idea, how do I become successful with this idea. You know, the list are there. This should your question once you conceive an idea in your mind nurture it and plan on how to make it a reality because what it takes to be successful is an idea if you are lucky to have one then you should be grateful.

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