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Hello guys welcome Khadijah to biggerbro.com family she’s actually here for the first time to give us tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship within singles, women in particular… She run a TV and we have been friends for sometime now believe me she deliver lot of value when it comes to relationship tips so pls show her some❤️ love so we may have her here again to lightup this community with her beautiful, interesting and educating articles

“Hello Guys🤗. I am KHADIJAH OF AJEAWA TV I’m a student of Olabisi Onabanjo university and I hold some other entrepreneural activities. You know man shall not live by bread alone to avoid kwashiokor. Persin need chop jollof rice and better swallow too interchangeably and as Nigeria no gree pay debt of our fathers sufferings b4 independence, person gats hold his head. 😃.Dey ur deyThanks to the administrator for having me on this site and i really do appreciate. I would just give two things for us to keep and remember to roll it on RELATIONSHIP TALKS😎.Always Remember

1)You are in a relationship and not in a Kungfu trainingship. Don’t you ever keep shut for domestic violence in your relationship.Ur parents didn’t have you for that. If it cant be settled forever, leave forever and don’t u ever look back. A single daughter is far more better than a daughter in d Grave .Don’t disappoint your parents ✌️.

2) No matter how many years your relationship is, in all forms ur partner fills, his relationship status is always single. More of d reason u should say no to domestic violence and don’t kill yourself bcos of a cheating partner or a heartbreak.Soldier go soldier come.
Nice having u around… I love you all🙇🏼‍♀️🥰🥰


Is our pleasure having you around ma’am Hope you write us again?