How much did you achieve in 2019?
How well have you planned for 2020?

2019 is gone I know many people set goals at the bring of 2019 but this is 2020 they didn’t even attain any height in their goal not like they forget what they said at the beginning of the year but here they are setting another for 2020

For me setting another goal for 2020 is not a bad idea but I’ll like you to ask yourself
“How have I failed in 2019”
If it’s possible bring a sheet of paper and write them down

It’s better to lose count while counting your blessings than losing your blessing while counting

It’s good we check back and find out why we fail last year before proceeding for another

Like my Nigeria brothers will say maybe my village people they do meet for my head that’s why
I no reach my goal in 2019

You know, you give excuses

Before talking about village people, fight the Enemies within first.

My People will say it is the rat at home that will tell others in the bush that there’s fish in the house

So defeat the enemy within you before taking another step

Let’s look at those Enemies within




Faith without works


Lack of purpose

These are the enemy within you

Most people set goals but too ignorant in working towards what make that goal successful we are never prepared to push our goal to the next level we sleep and wake up and a new day has begin we are too lazy to understand that everyday in life has roles to play in your successful life it’s not just by faith like I have a big God he’s capable to do exceedingly abundantly above all my expectations. common, you don’t work and you are having that thought? Even the Lord God said I will bless thee with the work of your hands, when he come to bless you and discover you hands is doing nothing he will simply shift, there are other people working hard and believing God for their breakthrough, You must make plans on how to actualize your goal as you’re setting them so when God come to bless you, you’ll merit it. Another important thing to consider if your goal must be successful is propose maybe your propose is you want to be financially free, it can be anything. The propose will serve as your drive to work harder but in a case where by you don’t have propose you just set goals I bet you’re on the way to failure.

your goal and purpose for 2020 must be smart

For me the word smart in goal setting stand fo
S= must be specify
M= must be measurable
A= must be attainable
R= must be realistic
T= must be time base

Your goal for 2020 must obey the 7 commandments of goal setting

1 thou shall write down your goal
2 thou shall be decisive
3 thou shall be focused
4 thou shall plan thoroughly
5 thou shall be persistent
6 thou shall connect God with your vision
7 thou shall plan to reward yourself

Draw up a road map, build Team, make good friends in 2020
T together
E everybody
A achieve
M more

“” Be determined there is no impossiblity

Have a prosperous New year and God bless your work season greetings from all of us at