The world is a global village and the internet is the village square
Ideas rules the world and if you look around you just take look around you, you will realize everything that makes life meaningful and comfortable was all born out of ideas even you as person was once an idea in the creators mind and an idea in your parents mind now a reality in the world

There are things that exist today but were impossibilities of yesterday.
I can’t forget the days GSM was new to Nigeria all of us were proudly carrying palasa you know like Sony Ericsson those of us that don’t like tuck in our stirt we started tucking because if you have it then, they say you must show it by hanging it across your neck you buy patch and hang it, those memories were really funny.

I remember they use to tell us don’t worry very soon you will start making calls you be seeing the person you are calling (video calling)
We were like abeg Bros stop washing me I resemble pikin But excuse me is it happen today? Oh Yes!
It was yesterday’s impossiblies but today’s reality

There are things that look impossible today but will be tomorrow reality, yeah! Yesterday ideas is to today’s reality and today idea is tomorrow’s reality

Ideas are so power but only those who take it serious enough to act on them get the benefit

You may just be one idea away from your breakthrough
You know in Nigeria we say for you to blow

Now sometimes people have money but don’t know what to do with the money because they lack ideas

There are four set of people when it comes to ideas and money which one are you let’s find out

1. Those set of people who have ideas and don’t have money
2. Those who have money without ideas
3. Those who have ideas and have money
4. Those who don’t have an idea also don’t have money

Now which category do you belong to?

I’m going to share with you how to create a business idea

So at least if you don’t have money you should at least have idea(s)
If you have money you should idea(s)
If you have idea don’t worry the money will come because all it takes is an IDEA

Now take an existing product add more value or additional benefit to it and offer it at the old price or cheaper, that’s one.

This is a good way to generate business idea even though it’s an existing product you’ve added benefit and value to change the dynamic and selling it at the same old price or cheaper gives you a strong market penetration, these was the principal of the Japanese hard take over of global car market

you know stylish car with electrical gadget but cheap

Remember satchet water business in Nigeria it also came out this basic principal people use to buy water in cups, from buckets and now the packaging and health benefits became the aded value but still at the same price it boom and became a money making industry. isn’t it? everybody want to sell pure water that’s what they call it.

Now number two; take an ordinary product strip it to it basic and offer the substance of it at a basic or cheaper price

Hmmm this one we get us talking of some things but let’s see
Have you ever bought an expensive item you kept unwrapping it only to discover the real product is so small compared to the packaging you still have to throw away? how will you feel if they have offered you the product Cheaper without the packaging? you would probably preferred it you know without the packaging.
How many times have you entered flight without eating in the flight or without watching movies many airline now sell cheap ticket you buy food if you want.

Number three add or remove packaging from a product or service; now Phil Knight founder and chairman of Nike shoes took a pair of old fashion running shoes and added flash to it, the shoes were named after top basketball stars and it exploded in sales Steven Nicole’s on the other hand focus on sensible shoes call case suites, no sneakers that glum in the night, no hype, no running shoes, no flash just old sensible shoes and the revenue swapped

Which ever ways, these Idea generation strategy works it works, it works all the time.

Number four and I’ll stop here

Package a something made easy; Let me break it down

Before now having a pounded yam meal was an issue because the stress of preparing it you have to cut the yam, boil the yam and then start pounding you know it takes average of 90 minutes to go through the process of eating a pounded yam then came pounded yam made easy by pounded yam flower and 90 minutes has being reduced to 20 minutes by one product

To have a tea you need sugar, milk, chocolate but now we have tea made easy 3in1 satchet a product that contain everything you need just add water and it’s ready

Think of what you can make easy there alot of things around us

You know why Nigeria is so ready is because there is alot of problems that most of us are not solving so look around you think as you walk around don’t complain like every other person is complaining… What can you see that others are not seeing? how are you thinking it is your mentality that create your reality, Stop complaining rather start thinking and creating because it is in creating, it is opening of your mind to see and stop complaining and nagging and feeling bitter and sorry for yourself that’s when ideas can flow through you so quit complaining.