Three most dangerous words that keep you poor. Have you wondered why some people seem to have the mightest touch whatever they touch it turns into gold
Have you also wondered why some people set goals and whatever goal they set they achieve them
What’s the difference between them and you?
What are there secret?
There secret is their words
You see words are how we think, words are how we express ourselves
And today I’m teaching three words I believe you have to illuminate from vocabularies. you don’t use this three words anymore
The very first word and the most dangerous word you can use day to day is hope


hope this keeps you poor, think about it when I talk to entrepreneurs, so what’s exactly your marketing strategy? well they might say then my marketing strategy I build my business through words of mouth, through reforms and I always reply. You mean hope, you see hope is not strategy most people they hope to grow their business, they hope to generate more income, they to have more free time, they hope to start their business, they hope they’ll have pen financing for their investment, they hope. Hope is not a strategy successful people don’t use hope as a strategy because the minute you use the hope what you’re saying is You’ve no power, you’ve no control over the outcome. “I hope it works” “WelI I Hope this works out” is another thing to say I hope I like this article …that’s okay… but when you say I HOPE I… you’re giving away that responsible you also give away that power, you’ve no control, you’ve no power, you’ve no choice. when you’ve no choice, no power, no control, when you cannot decide you cannot take action and you can’t make anything happen so illuminate that word from your vocabulary that’s what is keeping you poor

2. CAN’T

“I can’t do it” “I can’t” “don’t have time” or “I can’t afford it” when you use the word can’t your brain stops working and also stop looking for solutions the minute you use I can’t “that’s it I can’t do it”. Can’t robs you of your potential and possiblity, you start asking yourself how can I. When I see people asking ‘how can I? like “I can’t start my business” or “I can’t develop that high income skill” or “I can’t do that side hustle” I always ask them does that mean you don’t want to do it? or you don’t know how to do it? Because we all have the ability we can all do something if we want to. Could you do it if you really really really want to? Of course you could… So the question is not I can’t is either you don’t want to and that’s perfectly fine then don’t say I can’t just say I don’t want to. When your friends ask you to go out with them you just say wow you know I can’t deniel but think I don’t can make it… Don’t say I can’t just say I’ve other commitments I don’t want to go, this is something I want to do or maybe next time. Decide


When you say I can’t does that mean you don’t know how to do it? Because you could go get how to there so much how to on the internet you can go find a way… you can take a program learn from a mentor

You have the ability so replace that can’t with either how can I or hey you know what I can do it “I can start that business” “I can quit that job” “I can learn that skill” “I can learn from a mentor” you’ve so much more potential if you believe in yourself

3. TRY

Try… Think about this do you use this word alot “well I’ll try to do something” I’ll try” when you use the word try the minute you use it you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re giving yourself up when something doesn’t work out “well I try my best” I try to call you” I try…” Do this with me …you’re reading this article, are you sitting down, standing. take a step I didn’t say try to walk a step I said¬† w a l k a s t e p I didn’t say try to move a step but move a step walk! You see the State of try don’t exist! It’s just a fake story we create in our own mind the state of try don’t exist is either you do or you don’t, there is no such thing is either you move when you a step forward or you don’t a take stay forward there is no try, try means nothing happens so illuminate that word from your vocabulary.

You see the difference when you and anything you want is your words, words that you say to yourself which is your mindset and the word you said to others how do you communicate, how do you persuade people, how do you influence others, how do you close. The only difference between me of three, five years ago and me now is I’ve learned to master the art and science of word usage that serve me, that work for me not working against me.

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