I’m tired I can’t continue, I can’t do this any longer, I’m quitting… The list are endless these are what people say when the things they wished never come as expected they become depress.

But I’m telling you today if you allow depression to eat the better part of you your life becomes meanless.
“A meanless life has no contribution to the society”
What depression does is to bring down your motivation and when you’re not motivated where are your drive?

Hey let me tell you this your mindset toward success will determine the result of your success..
You cannot be successful when you are getting tired, how could that be?
Every success you see today has its noble beginning, it doesn’t just start one day but it took alot of perseverance, continuity, strength even tough decision(s) to get there, why are you depressed? getting tired when this is just the starting point.

You think your cast is tough?
I’ve seen someone who has nothing but out of nothing he joined bricklaying labor he did this for complete one year he was able to save and purchased a bike (okada) from there he started another chapter of his life… Thats the motivation.

Bro, sis, look around you there must be something you can do, not necessarily untill God send a Messiah.
Stop getting tired if not for anything But for seek of your children, your unborn children make them the motivation why you must do something.
A positive mind gets a positive result
Stand up for a change and believe in yourself that you can make a better change.

Stay strong!