Sometimes it feels like life’s all confusing. Like it’s going to fall apart like a wooden building in the eye of the hurricane.
Perhaps your marriage has become wobbly lately, or your company just downsized, or you failed to pass an exam that has cost you lots of money and valuable time and now you are feeling depressed, helpless, and hopelessly defeated.
But hey, life could be worse.

Our mind is powerful.

It determines the course of one’s life. Way more than any other body part.

That is why we have to keep it healthy.
And a healthy mind means positive thinking.

But enough psychology.

This article is aimed at encouraging you. The goal will be to push you towards being positive so that you can achieve more success.

It is true that life can be hard at times. Think harsh economic conditions, sack and rejection letters, unemployment, unfriendly bosses etc.

And during these times, it is easier for us to focus on these things?—?and imagine that things cannot get better.

And this is just wrong.

Because negativity never produces positive results. That is why it is negative in the first place
And it is a positive result that can change a situation for the better.

So, this article is aimed at stopping you in your tracks. Take a breathe of fresh air and see the reasons why you are doing okay.

Maybe you are not where you want to be?—?but at least you are somewhere.

And it is on the platform of the good things you currently have that the good ones you are hoping for will rest on.

So you must learn to appreciate what you have now.