Importation is simply a goods or service brought into a country from another country and offer for sale.

But thank God for improved technology and eye opener, anybody can venture into online importation business with little capital and cut their own share of the multi-billion dollar industry.

Benefit Of Importation Business

This line of business survive in Nigeria because our economy is not a productive type, will depend solely on imported goods to the extent that we believed that made in Nigeria product are fake, inferior, substandard and of low quality compare to the imported goods.

Most of our companies are no more efficient in their production due to so many factors in which you and I know and this make a lot of Nigerians have more passion for imported goods to satisfy their heart desire.

Basic Requirements

(1) Your laptop or phone

(2) Internet connection

(3) Your startup capital

(4) Valid home or office address

Import Portals

Do you want us to hold by the hand import your first product from China?

This simply means website where we perform our online business transaction.

If you Google search you we see hundreds of import portals or websites, some are genuine while some are fake but have done all the research on your behalf so no stress just relax and feel comfortable.

The genuine website are: this is own by Alibaba, in fact you can do your 60% shopping here. the best portal for importer.


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The recommended site for your mini importation is The site is very cheap and you can find different ranges of products at ridiculous prices. This site is in Chinese so you need Google translator to translate from Chinese to English.

Importing Items from

Apart from, one of the best ecommerce Chinese stores is as I said earlier.

This is because items sold on are cheaper than those of and Alibaba combine. I will give you some examples to show for it.

But is a Chinese website and the language is written in Chinese. That is not a problem, all you simply have to do is to open on your Google Chrome and use Google translator.

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