Have you ever been called STUPID or used a sentence on the word stupid before? You feel annoyed or asking yourself if you’re truely supid, Why not check the reason that made anybody used the word on you’d see he/she maybe right at that moment.

However the word stupid are mostly used among peers as a fun word to create a laughing topics. Stupid can also be used as an advisable word depending on the tone of the subject.

For instant when someone tell you that don’t be stupid, depending on the tone of the person or how valuable the person is to you will determine how you’d handle the word.
Sometime we may be faulty and wouldn’t want to be called stupid too cause it really going to get you heat up and maybe misbehave and handle situation aggressively.

But I am here today to convince you that the word stupid should always be taken as an advice, because the word tells more of you.

The ‘stupid‘ meaning of the word ‘dumb‘ has been more popular in America than in other parts of the English-speaking world, but it was first used in England. ‘Dumb blonde’ is a disparaging term directed at a woman but the first ‘dumb‘ people were men, it was originated in the 1920s.why did I define the word? is for you to have  proper understanding of the word.

Actually what motivated me to write this article was my personal experience, I was among those kids who lived there life off home I grew up with my aunty when I go wrong as a young boy instead of giving me correction she will repeatedly used the word stupid on me she made me look like I’m very stupid the belief that I’m supid continued for a long time till I was able to understand that I’m not what people think I am because no man has an idea of what I am only me and my God knows myself better. Then I stopped living based on her definition but on my own definition, It was on the process I started discovering the values deposited in me and today I’m the apple of this woman’s (my aunt) eye she is always proud and boost she gave me the best training.

Today I know my aunt can’t address me with the word stupid but there are still people living under the word and related words l want to tell you these …stop living based on the definition of other people.
When they say you are stupid proof to them that you are not what they said because you’re smart, brilliant, intelligent and have great values.

Stay strong.

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