This article was posted on nairaland by a member of the forum in the article he explained how he suffered from premature ejaculation to how he was able to resolve the problem, he also ask those suffering from related issue to apply this same method and thank he letter

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This was what he wrote;

“posted this here because i know a lot of adult men and women experiencing the same do visits this section. Besides, this could be my Godly contribution to help fellow men out there.

The situation got to the point that i sometimes released in less than a minutes of penetration or when engage in long hot romance. I met a man at the filling station during the recent fuel crisis, we got related(due to our long stay on the queue) we talked about everything, Government,women,sex etc. To cut the story short, he introduced me to the following combination after i explained my situation to him;

* A few gloves of Garlic

* Two big Onion

* Few Ginger roots.

* A big cut of water melon

* A small quantity of lemon juice

* A cup of pure/natural honey.

I blends everything together(talking two sponful monrning and night)and after some days, OH Jesus! My babe has to stop me when she could no longer take it.

Still same good performance till now.

Congtats to myself and anyone who this may help.


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