First you may ask what is RED BUTTON 🔴?
Is it the coloured red button you see daily on your game consoles? Or perhaps what comes to your mind when you
first see the word RED BUTTON either way you’re
totally correct.
The colour Red has been be used for centuries back as a “warning sign” or simply a no go area when seen…. it’s a negative colour which take part in stories with sorrows and bitterness mostly, but in some cases the red colour is a very beautiful and delicate colour.
But in this case BIGGERBRO.COM have another theory to it.. To us red button simply means “quitting, stopping, tiredness, frustration, etc” Every day of our lives we encounter this button but sometimes it saves!!! Yeah you read it correctly its saves but depends on current situation. For instance you’re a hard working payee and you work in the position of assistant secretary/manager obviously you work tirelessly to get paid every month and at the end of every months you’re not happy with your here’s the tricky part, you don’t know if to press the RED BUTTON or just continue working till ends of time ? Down below I will outline three (3) ways to know if it time you actually press on the red button
• If your work is taking too much from you than it gives you.
(That includes distance, time , expenses )
• If you’re been harassed by your Female/Male boss.
(Always remember prevention is better than cure )
• If your not happy
(Note: if you’re not happy at your place then you’re not working at all, you are rather giving yourself a hard time every single day you work )